Dodge Dakota 1997-2000 Review

I believe this is Ryan over lagrange Toyota and I wanted to say this 2005 Dodge Dakota, can be more room in color as you see here and about what I wanna show you go around the exterior the vehicle that also today in fear and well look at this year. Brand new tires. Let’s grade all the way around wrangler good years and that’s one thing about a pre owned vehicle last time you go out you buy your vehicle and they look over the tags off. Website and look at and check those out yet put you know 67 $0 on a new set of tires. Not on my watch not on this track here not on this 1 this could be a 2000 578 0 miles.

Dodge DakotaDodge Dakota Sharp I mean this is baby this this truck here you only when you look at it you can tell someone really took care of the I mean look at the wheels with gray. Run it looks excellent. Hey I’m actually get your pin striping down the side. And that for the price kid beaded 11991 in and we correct that mileage 73 0 miles of 5000 US dollars they. And delicacy near the back in the truck. Got a tow package years get the official Dodge Dakota tow package which is great so that’ll give you the transmission core heavy duty alternate all the stuff that you actually need to pull a lot of people just put a trailer ball on and you know go into can burn up the engine. Yet the. Plastic bedliner in there great hopes not stretch of the bed.

Real solid filters struck. Code is there a very well thought out and when you see one with the miles on the condition the look of this when they don’t stay long. Okay death why don’t stay long yet it’s got your 16 inches tires. They look here is to have access comes over with so. Dodge Dakota headlights not working? – view more info at Check it out here. Picture cloth interior, Our C right there Then you get your opening right there to get it back and yet you will jump seats there’s live. People can write. Live so it gives you extra additional storage space. Are very solid vehicle them is the great truck a commode over lagrange trio to get this thing for someone else. You can reach me directly at 706 the Rio 29197 anti asteroid or come down to the dealership 1221 mafia for. Open till 7:00. Monday through Friday till 6 on Saturday. I think they have a goal right there.