Formation and development of the Korean automobile industry.

Korean automobile industryKorean cars were produced a hundred years later, after they began to be produced in Europe. And in just 30 years, the Koreans were able to achieve global recognition and take a leading role in the automotive world market. By the number of the machines of Korea occupies the leading place in the world. This is a pretty impressive result, as in Korea, the low population, small area and there is no abundance of minerals. At the beginning of its development, Korea produced licensed copies of foreign cars, or models. They were made with the active cooperation with foreign organizations. And in the late 80-ies Korean manufacturers have set up their engineering studies.

To date, to purchase Kia, Daewoo, Hyundai and other Korean car is quite difficult, because they are widely used around the world. Details for Korean cars in the automotive market in a wide range. In addition to high quality, they have a relatively small cost, which makes the purchase of Korean cars is very good bargain for the purchaser.