What Is Tesla?

What is Tesla? A company founded in California, Tesla, Inc., manufactures electric cars and other clean energy products. While most people know the company for its vehicles, it also makes solar panels, solar roof tiles, and other related products. There is a lot of information about Tesla available online, but this article will highlight some of the key facts. Read on to learn more about this revolutionary company. And remember, you don’t have to drive a Tesla to get a sense of what it does.

First off, Tesla is committed to building only electric vehicles. This eliminates the burden of legacy products and stranded assets associated with ICE technology. Old-line automakers have the luxury of installing fast chargers on every street corner, but they are obligated to retire dinosaur-burners sooner than fifteen years from now. That means that they will have to invest in more expensive technology to make their vehicles cheaper. What Is the Future of the Automotive Industry?

The company’s vision is to transition the world to a fully electric mobility system. Along with producing vehicles, Tesla sells batteries and solar panels for stationary storage. Additionally, it plans to make light trucks, SUVs, and semi trucks. The roadster is the most popular model. But the brand has a long-term goal. Eventually, the company hopes to sell cars that are more affordable and more energy efficient. So, how can we expect them to survive in the real world?

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